Boeing unveils the new 787 Dreamliner Airplane

by deepa

787…..means 8th day of the 7th month in 2007 year. But it also signifies a turning point in the aviation history as Boeing rolled out its new, eagerly waitied 787 Dreamliner plane with a gala event on this day. They raised the curtain on its first fully assembled 787 at what may have been the biggest event of its kind staged and broadcast around the world. Thousands of people packed into the company’s Everett assembly plant for the plane’s extravagantly orchestrated premiere. The Dreamliner’s interiors are designed by Seattle’s Teague, a firm with a 60-year relationship with Boeing. The plane’s entry features a soaring vaulted ceiling and a curvaceous, skylight-like overhead detail that gives a sense of space. “The idea is to welcome passengers to the airplane,” says Teague Vice-President Ken Wood.

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The cabin’s soothing lighting, provided by LED lights, can be set to mimic dusk, dawn, or daylight effects. Eevry seat is designed such as to actually mean a ‘window-seat’. Finally since your life is in the hands of the pilot and co-pilot, for their optimum confort, the Teague team designed the flight deck, to be harmonious with the sleek interior design of the rest of the plane and not just to have the generic, technical feel of most cockpits. Welcome the super efficient jet for the 21st century!

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  1. Stephina R. Waldon

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    Just a thought.

  2. teknicks

    thanks for the great post! I want to ride in this soon!

  3. Georgie Bush, Jr.

    Beautiful design… It’s still a shame that aviation industry in whole is responsible for much of air-born pollution around the world, this plan will only be 10-17% more fuel effecient then current Boeing jets. Let’s all continue to destroy our planet, we can do it together!

  4. mike

    I have heard planes account for only 3% total – and boeing is currently working with virgin atlantic on a bio fuel run plane – I think any new building that air conditions its hallways, which are most (and any other empty space) is a simple problem to fix that could have a real impact

  5. Vinay

    Awesome design. Boeing might have won the superplane design shoot off with Airbus, yet

  6. evan

    please send more photos


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