Bocusini 3D Food Printer recreates the art of cooking

by Gareth Mankoo

3D printing has just redefined what ‘playing with your food’ is all about. Meet Bocusini, one of the many ‘chefs’ of the future who are good enough to take down your order through some simple clicks and adjustments and can print the dish of your dreams in one go. This cool WiFi-enabled 3D Food Printer is portable, quick to setup and has a minimalist design to say the least. It comprises of a heated food printing head, which is mounted on a regular 3D printer. The cartridges are packed with ingredients, which are printed layer-by-layer. Presently, the cartridges on offer include marzipan, chocolate and fudge. Soon we expect to see more foods including confectionary, bakery products, snack products, fruit and vegetables, meat, and dairy.

I could live with a system that could print my very own chips. The marzipan frogs to go with my evening cup of tea wouldn’t be that bad either. Bocusini is up for funding on Kickstarter and has raised about $39,000 of the targeted $30,000. This means it should roll into production and ship by December.

[Via – Psfk]