Bocodes: A replacement for traditional barcodes

by Gareth Mankoo

The traditional barcode lines have always graced the rear of our canned food and other products that used them to identify various product details. However, they seem to be facing extinction in coming days, thanks to a new standard called Bocodes. These are way smaller than traditional barcodes (0.1 inches) and kind of look good too. Dr Mohan, from the MIT Media Lab Camera Culture group said, “It is either bright or dark depending on how we want to encode the information”. It’s said that these will be easy to scan using a simple cellphone camera as well.

It’s up to us to see how effective it can be against the legacy barcodes. Unlike the old ones which could be read from a maximum distance of one foot, these can be read over a distance of 60 feet as well (in some cases).

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