BMW DesignworksUSA and Sennheiser roll out S1 Digital Aviation headset for pilots

by ruchi

BMW DesignworksUSA and Sennheiser have unveiled the world’s first aviation headset for pilot called the S1 Digital. The headset epitomizes the engineering and industrial design prowess of the design house and sports ear cups shaped in the forms of sweeping wings. It has a spring steel construct that gives the wearer a custom fit. Its overall design ensures a lower contact pressure, below industry standards and thus helping in alleviating pilot fatigue. It also has a small sliding control on the headband and pilots can adjust the fit themselves.

It also features a “glasses zone”, which are specific areas on the ear pads to correspond with the arms of sunglasses. When connected to a control unit and streamlined with LED graphics, it lets you control the volume separately for either right or left ear cup. In the meanwhile its NoiseGard feature takes up the baton of cancelling all the background noise. It also has a Bluetooth connectivity option for one’s cell phone or music player, something the pilots should never do when in the cockpit. The headset will ship with a carrying case, a belt clip, a windshield, a cable clip, a user’s manual and a quick-reference guide and will be available through Sennheiser’s worldwide sales network.
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