BMW 1 and 3 series adds Google search to its GPS

by mohsin

Now, the owners of some 2009 BMWs will lose their last excuse for being late, as the automaker has teamed up with Google Maps to create BMW Search. Already available in Europe, owners of 2009 BMWs in the U.S. will get in-car Google as well. The service will include integrated Google maps that will let the passenger or driver search for restaurants, movie theaters or any other type of business. Once a business or address is located, the system brings up directions from the car’s navigation system. If it’s a business, you can even make a phone call via Bluetooth. Additional features include BMW Assist, which will track your car down, if it is stolen or send an ambulance in the event of an accident. The BMW Assist feature is standard on 5, 6, and 7 Series, and included in the Premium Package or as a stand-alone option on all other models.

The BMW 1 and 3 series will be paired with this feature at the start. In addition to having to buy a BMW in the first place, would-be users will have to opt for a nav system and fork over $199 per year for the BMW Assist Convenience Plan.

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