BMW X5 rams into California Apple store in vain burglary attempt

by Gareth Mankoo

How far, I ask my Apple-fanatic cronies, would you go to get a hold of all the Apple products you could? Some talk about putting their savings on the line, others would trade their body organs and so forth. Not that they’d actually mean it. One Equonne R. Howard decided a more subtle approach but unfortunately, he meant it. He crashed a swanky BMW X5 into a California Apple store and decided to do away with the iDevices he could lay his hands on. Of course, his tires gave up on him before the car’s insides. It’s apparent that he could only escape a mile away before he had to abandon ship. If his attempts were moronic enough then here’s overkill. He lost his license plate at the store and actually made his way back to retrieve it. That’s where he got nabbed. Now he has a heavy $600,000 damage cost to think about. And this doesn’t include his car.