BMW’s futuristic i8 might come with a revolutionary smart key fob

by Sayan Chakravarty

BMW i8 is arguably the coolest car that was launched this year. The futuristic vehicle has a long list of amazing gadgetry that makes it sand out from the rest but the German automaker has just given it another reason to add to the awesomeness. The car keys to the BMW i8 is no ordinary key fob but a properly smart key that has its own LCD display which will reportedly be able to display various useful information. It is quite similar to the idea of using a smartphone as a car key – which first emerged a couple of years back — without many of its practical disadvantages.

Though there is no official confirmation by BMW except that it’ll be made using eco-friendly materials but a leading publication has come out with a rendition of the purported BMW i8 smart key fob. As per rumors, the screen will display the charging status of the battery, the available range, fuel on board and other important information. It might even come with the option to remotely operate many functions of the i8 like turning the conditioning on or off. This is one of the coolest concepts we have seen and we love it!

[Via – BGR]