Blu-Sens G14 DAP with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

by Dhiram Shah

The G-14 comes from Spanish makers, Blu-Sens. It is a MP3 player that facilitates with easy sharing of music via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This provides with unrestricted transfer of media to and from other compatible devices. It comes with a decent 2 inch LCD screen with support for 256 colors. The G14 will be available in both 1GB and 2 GB variants. We have heard that it will provide support for DivX and also playback for MP3, WMA and OGG files. These specs are pretty much expected for almost every PMPs these days to keep up with the competition. Surely, with the ability of freely transferring data will make this one a better picks as compared to the Zune.

The Blu-Sens G-14 will be priced somewhere between $230 and $260.

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