Blupod gives iPod the much needed Bluetooth

by Dhiram Shah

iPods with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been on top of everyone’s wishlists but it seems Mr Jobs has something else in his mind. You can still have Bluetooth though thanks to Zenecom from Korea. At the IFA the company unveiled the Blupod which looks more like the iPod Shuffle but half in size. It is actually more like a Bluetooth dongle which connects to the iPod and once paired with a phone, the caller id etc is displayed on the iPod screen and the volume automatically lowers to a point where you can converse. The Blupod has a FM tuner built in too. Still there are a few things which you cant do like transferring files from iPod to another Bluetooth device or streaming music wirelessly to a compatible speakers etc. Maybe that is what only Apple can provide.

Pricing and availability of the Blupod is not known yet.

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