Bluetooth Gamepad

by Dhiram Shah

With Mobile Games getting better and better with more graphics, sounds and of course Gameplay. As the games get better it becomes difficult to play them. The Bluetooth gamepad will bring an end to your Mobile Gaming woes. The Playstation styled gamepad has the 4 arrow keys and six custom keys. They keys can be customized to suit your preferences. It supports all major Series 60 handsets, Windows powered Smartphones and PDA’s. When not in use they keypad folds neatly thus making it easy to carry around. It is powered by a single AAA battery which provides 3.5 hours of Gameplay.

It measures 145 x 44 x 30.5 mm when closed and 145 x 127
x 30.5 mm when open it weighs 132 grams. It is available
for $ 50. Via – Gadgetspy

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