Bluetooth Burka is Charming

by yogesh

Keeping abreast with fashion and the growing need of women to establish their identity in the Islamic World is the revolutionary CharmingBurka. It is a digitally-enabled burqa that can transmit a photo, or anything else, of the wearer to nearby mobile phones. The German designer Markus Kison says that it has been created keeping in mind the stringent Sharia or Islamic law and conforms to it. The “digital layer” on the burka includes a Bluetooth antenna, which lets women “decide for themselves where they want to position themselves virtually.” A model demonstrated a prototype of Kison’s garment at the Seamless 2008 design and fashion show in Boston. The wearer can transmit a photo, a cartoon, a text file or even a sound clip to nearby mobile phones that also use Bluetooth.
via – Gizmodiva

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