Bluestacks’ Gamepop console offers unlimited mobile games on the TV for $6.99

by Sayan Chakravarty

Do you love the games available on our smartphone but think a bigger screen size will make it more enjoyable. Bluestacks with its GamePop console promises to bring mobile gaming to your living room. Following the success of Ouya and Gamestick, Bluestacks plans to take them on by bringing in a Netflix-style subscription model. For a price of $6.99 per month the user will get an access to a selection of over 500 games. The company plans to launch the console by this winter and has started taking pre-orders from today. Bluestacks has put up an offer for the pre-order period ending next month; it’s giving away the $100 worth console for free with a year’s subscription.

A complete list of available games isn’t available yet, but Bluestacks has highlighted partnership with some of the biggest publishers such as: Gameloft, Glu, Halfbrick, Jawfish Games. The console has its own controller, but a smartphone can also be used as a controller thanks to a special Android and iOS app. Given the fact that the total cost of over 500 full version games will cost atleast a several hundred dollars, GamePop is a good value for money!

[Via – Journaldugeek]