BlackBerry goes Beemer, plays nice with BMW ConnectedDrive system to read you your emails on the drive

by Shayne Rana

The marriage between mobile phone technology and in-car systems is a happy one that has been steadily multiplying in the last couple of years. The very latest was showcased at WES 2010 where RIM showed off new BlackBerry handsets and their latest version of their mobile OS i.e. v6.0. Other than just the handsets and new OS visitors at the event were also privy to RIMs demo of how a BlackBerry and Beemer were made for each other. Demoed at the event was BMW ConnectedDrive system that new models will be incorporating to play nice with the owner’s handsets. BlackBerry’s smartphones will be able to integrate with eth cars dashboard display allows drivers to read emails, texts etc. while driving. The good thing is you can either read your mails/texts etc. when you’ve stopped or have the system read them out to you. You’ll even be able to pick up numbers etc. stored or sent in emails or messages and have the car call them. The BMW ConnectedDrive system should be available in the new 2011 range if not sooner.

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