Biometric Iris Scanners to Eliminate Crime in Mexico

by iona

Biometric eye-scanners are being piloted in crime-infested Leon, Mexico, with the hope that they will transform it into “the most secure city in the world”. Global Rainmakers Inc. envisage fraud, currently a $50 billion problem in Leon, will be completely eradicated. Moreover, they hope that every person, place and thing on this planet will be connected to eye scanning systems by 2020. In the pilot scheme, criminals will have their irises scanned and stored in a database. Every time they use public transport or an ATM, rather than swiping a card, their irises will be scanned. By monitoring the scans, police will track their movements. Global Rainmakers predict that in the future, iris scans will allow you to enter your home, office, open your car or have your medical records checked. Marketers will also be able to see how many eyeballs look at advertising billboards.

Scanners range from the Hbox, for airport-security, which can read the irises of up to 50 moving people per minute, to the smaller EyeSwipe and EyeSwipe Mini, which can capture 15-30 irises per minute. It is hoped they will retail at $50-$100 each.

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