BioBot a personal oil well in your backyard

by mohsin

The falling prices of oil down to just $75 a barrel does assure you of a more realistic price for gas, but it’s not expected to stop people from looking for greener more sustainable forms of powering up their cars. BioBot could be one of these practical green solutions; it is capable of producing 75 litres of biodiesel fuel in about 10-24 hours. The device incorporates everything you need in one unit and sports a single multi-function lever, which you use to click through four stages of production as if it was a washing machine. A typical user will only need to devote about an hour of his time to set up and cleaning. The BioBot can concert waste oil by heating it with specially designed immersion heaters.

The BioBot is about the size of an average gas fueling station, it eliminates the need for noxious and flammable chemicals to create the conversion process. This personal oil well in your backyard will cost you $5000 a pop and the makers claim that it will start paying for itself in two years.

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