Bethesda Softwaorks carts in life-sized Alduin’s Wall replica at workplace

by Gavril Mankoo

Game developer Bethesda Softworks has been hailed on previous occasions for spectacular releases including the Elder Scrolls series. Now, the guys behind these fabulous releases have a little more to look forward to at work and have recently carted in an Alduin’s Wall replica from Skyrim that was used for E3, PAX and the Skyrim launch. The highly detailed wall now rests snugly at the Bethesda office and has now found a permanent spot, paying homage to the game and making work at a game-development firm a lot cooler than it used to be! And yes, we’re sure a bunch of Skyrim fans just like us are bound to drool all over their keyboards, wishing they could have one of these for themselves in their geek abodes.

[Geekologie and Geekosystem]

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