Bespoke Wedding Ring Projects Image of You and Your Beloved

by Dhiram Shah

It seems that no-one is happy with the traditional gold wedding band anymore. Last week, we brought you news of a USB design wedding ring for Microsoft’s Ray Arifianto and today, we have news of a wedding ring with an in-built mini projector. Groom-to-be Luke Jerram worked with jewelry designer Tamrakar on the bespoke projector ring design. It features a mini lens and transparent slide with a tiny image of himself and his bride that is ‘projected’ when you shine light through it. Whilst it looks kind of cool, I am a little worried that all the taking-off and putting-on of the ring will end up with it being dropped and disappearing down the nearest drain. However, I do like the fact that the image can be changed. So, if the Jerram partnership does not work out, whichever one of them gets the ring in the divorce settlement can replace the pic with that of their new partner.

Tamrakar have made it very clear that the projector ring is a one-off design, so if you want to have similar made, you will have to look elsewhere for someone willing to make one for you and your beloved.