Belkin introduces 19-inch Widescreen Rack with slimness and portability

by Gareth Mankoo

If accessing your rack is a real boil then you need to get hold of Belkin’s latest. This brilliant rack controlling station is slim, has 19-inches of LCD widescreen to monitor your work and adds a keyboard so that you can take control of things as well. The screen has an adjustable rail design that can be set to your preferences. It is compatible with all 19-inch cabinets, racks and systems and provides additional integration to 8 or 16-port KVM as well. If you’re worried about navigating through your controls then fear not because the rack also adds a touchpad.

All of this and no price tag makes it an incomprehensive deal. But we’re talking major computing here. Imagine the load that this would shed, off your shoulders.

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