Belkin announces its new Car Power Valet accessories for luxury cars with a Smartchip Technology

by Dhiram Shah

Cruising in luxury cars bring with it a rush that words can’t do justice too. Enthusiasts of posh luxury cars pamper these babies just like they deserve to be. And for a car so fine, all its accessories demand to be of an equal caliber, don’t they? Well, Belkin has recently announced its new Car Power Valet accessories that are tailor-made for the interior of luxury vehicles. We know what you’re wondering. What makes these car chargers worthy of all this praise? Let’s break that mystery right away, shall we? These luxury car chargers utilize an embedded smartchip technology that determines the level of energy pushed through to an iPhone, protecting it from the damage causes by excessive charging. Yes, excessive charging is in fact bad for your device. This wondrous charger has more uses in its kitty; The Belkin Car Power Valet models are crafted from machined aluminum and stainless steel. They’re compatible with any 12V power socket, and the kits come with a single-port or dual-port charger, a four-foot braided Lightning cable, and a dash magnet to secure the Lightning cable head to the dashboard

Belkin’s Car Power Valet priced at 80$ charges at 1.2A for iPhone and up to 2.4A for iPads. The Dual Car Power Valet with two ports that total to a 4.8A can charge 2 iPads at once and is understandably priced higher at $100. Both these wonder accessories are available on Belkin’s website.

We know for sure, for those who are fluent in luxury cars, this Car Power Valet is the Mecca of accessories!

[ Available at : Belkin ]

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