Behold, the world’s fastest 4GB DDR3 RAM

by Gareth Mankoo

OCZ have brought forth what is clearly the world’s fasted 4GB DDR3 RAM sticks. Matched with 2133MHz processing speed and CL 10- 10- 10- 30 timing, these new models are available in 4GB, 8GB Dual Channel and 12 GB variants. They are so awful fast that they come with a liquid cooling system to expel the heat from all the crazy work that they’re meant for. They come in three RAM lines namely, the Platinum (entry level/value), the Reaper HPC (high-end/performance) and the Flex EX (experienced over-clockers).

The good news is that they have been tested successfully on both AMD and Intel platforms. Since they have a thin form factor, they can be set by a side-by-side config so as to increase the RAM capabilities of your motherboard.