Behold! The ball that can face the wrath of an angry soccer fan!

by Gavril Mankoo

All good things come to an end, including soccer balls. Now that the FIFA World Cup has caught every ones attention, soccer balls around the world have been facing tremendous duress, given that a sudden surge of fans have begun kicking these on roads, at parks and just about everywhere in fact. To keep soccer balls away from harm, Tim Jahnigen, a former lyricist and chef, came up with the brilliant idea to create an indestructible ball which in turn promises not to destroy your feet. To do this, Jahnigen roped in the help of his friend musician Sting and his wife Lisa Tarver. Together, the trio created the One World Futbol project that will unleash a ball made of a plastic that’s lighter and more flexible than rubber!

The ball’s material is similar to those ugly pieces of footwear people have begun referring to as Crocs these days. The ball can withstand knife punctures, just in case an angry soccer fan decides to stab it and can also be run over by a car or clawed at by a lion, without being harmed! Also, this project is charity-minded and by buying a One World Futbol for $39.95, another is donated to a young needy football fan!