Beetlecam 2 gives you a closer look at your wild side

by Gareth Mankoo

Each time you move into a zone that makes you feel one with the most ferocious creatures in the wild, there’s only one way to make it seem even better. The Beetlecam 2 is a robotic contraption that also shoots for the mere fun of it, and the courageous, heartless being that it is. It does keep the ever-vulnerable photographers out of harm’s way and replaces them with the brave robotic presence it commands. Who but a wildlife photographer would consider a device such as this a necessary build? Just what inspired Will Burrard-Lucas. Now, that’s a fantastic substitute to those long zoom lenses that always made it a pain in the rack to get the perfect shot. It is remote controlled to perfection.

There’s no alternative to a big spend though, given that zoom lenses are now not as necessary. For the Beetlecam 2 costs a whopping £5,000.

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