Beer Machine built from Lego blocks opens and cools a bottle of frothing gold for you!

by Gavril Mankoo

Like we’ve said a few hundred times before, Lego blocks aren’t just toys. With a bit of brains and innovation, these childhood tools to building infant architectural dreams could very well be used to build some seriously cool contraptions, like this beer opener and chilling machine by NXT1engineer. Called the Beer Machine, this contraption requires you to remotely order a beer. The Beer Machine then has a bottle opened; taking longer than you’d conventionally take by ripping off the lid with a simple bottle opener. The Beer Machine then slips the open bottle into a cooling unit that quickly measures the beer’s current temperature and has it cooled and ready for you to gulp down a glorious sip. And if having a Lego-built machine open a beer for you isn’t your thing, we suggest you stick to the simple bottle opener that takes a fraction of the time this amazing innovation takes.


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