Bedphones are headphones for ‘sound sleepers’

by Gareth Mankoo

Wow! Someone’s finally thought about it and executed it to perfection. The possibility of headphones that are designed to be comfortable as you lie down and enjoy your music will bring smiles to troubled faces and scarred ears. Yes, if you do have a media player that can thrill you with your favorite tunes, then why not listen to them as you lie on your cozy pillow, after a day of chaos. Get hold of the Bedphones, a pair of ear-hook headphones that hold in place, the most delicate, and comfortable and arguably thin buds.

Lie down without worry of bad dreams, for you may see crazy diamonds or candy shops if you wish for them, with all your heart and all your ear. The Bedphone app can turn your Android phone into a giant play button so you don’t have to jostle for smaller controls. $30.

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