Be a genius in counting cards

by Staff

When it comes to counting cards, skill is a necessity. Therefore, a significant number of blackjack players believe that skill is a key to counting cards. In essence, blackjack players believe that if you are good enough, then, you are better placed to make substantial profits no matter the presenting situation. However, while this notion is true to some extent, you still need a large amount of money to guarantee profits.

Below is a guideline why you need a substantial bankroll to become a successful counter:

1. A significant number of card counters seldom start with enough funds
It is often a challenge for an average card counter to make it since they speedily flame out because of several reasons such as:
. Lack of skill in counting cards.
. Unable to adapt to the dealer’s speed when it comes to counting cards.
. Being distracted by the happenings in a casino environment
. Lack of awareness on when to raise or lower your bets

These aforementioned problems can thwart you as a card counter even before you get started.

2. You need substantial amounts of money to spread bets in a proper manner
Casinos may compel you to hold until the start of a shoe before taking part in actual money blackjack. This is normally indicated with labels that are placed on tables such as “No mid-shoe entry”. As a result, you may not possibly gain an edge by first sitting down to play. Instead, you should focus on counting cards to achieve a positive count. The moment that the count turns positive, you may go ahead to raise your wagers to capitalize. By spreading your bets, you are better placed to increase your profits. One of the strategies that you can use when spreading your bets and win is the single deck blackjack basic strategy.

3. You need the right approach to make as a card counter
Among the approaches that one can decide on include either forming a team or playing by yourself. When playing as an individual rather than a team, you do not need large amounts of money to start. This is because, when playing by yourself, it is you who places the bets and take the profits. As such, you can comfortably count cards with an average starting capital of about $7000-$8000. Conversely, with spotters and a big player, card counting teams may attract substantial starting capital. For instance, a suitable amount that a card counting team starts with ranges from $18,000-$23,000.

Using the aforementioned guidelines, you are better placed to start counting cards without facing multiple problems. However, it is also important that you consider crafting a plan that is specifically meant to meet your needs or expectations as a card counter. For example, to make it to a card counter in terms of increasing your chances of winning or rake in more profits, a single deck blackjack basic strategy may offer you an edge compared to multiple deck blackjack.

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