Bazooka firework projector for a firework light show in the room

by bharat

A fuse is burned and the package soars into the sky like a rocket, leaving behind smoke, there it ignites with a bang in the night sky and the crowd is full with applause. This is the scenario of beautiful fireworks that looks so stunning in the night sky. However, we always overlook all the polluting aspects of these fireworks, but there’s a solution in the bazooka firework projector by Thanko that creates mystical fireworks indoors. The amazing fireworks lightshow fills the room with brilliant fireworks with real sound effects, all you have do is – pull the launcher, choose the firework, aim and pull the trigger and watch the fireworks ignite with sparkling sounds just like the real firework show.

Weighing in at about 400g, the 125mm wide 255mm long bazooka firework projector is powered by three AA batteries and is priced at 3,580 Yen (about $45). So, if you need some extra fun when your cousins and friends are home, just load the bazooka and fire the eight beautiful fireworks to let them all enjoy a feast of light and sound.