Batman saves the day and your computer data with the 4GB Bat Stick

by Gavril Mankoo

So you just couldn’t get enough of the masked crusader, the keeper of the night, the Batman, right? Here’s a USB flash drive that’s sure to make you smile all the way up to your eyes. Called the Bat Stick (sounds like a superglue marketed by the dark knight), this 4GB flash drive is shaped like the Bat-Mobile supposedly, though it looked like Batman sitting in a burnt space-shuttle to us. And the best part, it’s made from recycled stuff! If you probably were hoping to get your hands on one of these, here’s the disappointing fact. The Bat Stick is unique and just a single unit was created, using a broken Batman toy, some tape, some glue and the essentials of a memory stick.

So if you’ve set your heart on this one, simply run along to the store, buy a Batman toy, break it apart and make a flash drive out of it! This 4GB Bat Stick is available for $40 at Etsy.

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