Batman Backpack is as authentic as The Dark Knight’s story line

by Gareth Mankoo

Well, may agree while others diss blatantly, but The Dark Knight trilogy was pretty much what many called a flavored up edition of the real Barman account. Who cares as long as they crossed their margins and Christopher Nolan surely made himself more awesome than he always was. So, a similar tale can be told about the Batman Backpack. It’s made from high-quality leather and resembles the one shown in the movies with exacting details. It does offer quite some utility with room for bottle and electronics though it isn’t one to be spacious. It could serve well on anything leather you don. It will resound geek all over the moment anyone notices the ‘Batman’ quotient in it. Otherwise it could pass as cool biking gear.

The Batman Backpack is available $298 CDN (~$291). It will ship by Q2.




[Via – Chipchick]

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