Bandai controller keychain is truly nostalgic

by Dhiram Shah

Unlike the Nintendo Mini classic keychain this one from Bandai is very different. It looks like a modern NES controller with four-way controls and has an inbuilt speaker. There is no display and you cannot connect it to a TV. There are different version available, for eg – with the Street Fighter keychain if you press down, down, right, right + P (punch) it gives the sound effect of Ryu’s ‘Fist Wave’. There are three keychains available for Street Fighter II and each gives the sound effects of three characters from the game. Bandai representatives say listening to sounds from your favorite games makes you happy. I would want one with Mortal Kombat sound effects – ‘Come Here’. These sell in Japan for 888 Yen each ($ 10).
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Sounds for special moves of Ryu and Ken.

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