This cool keychain switch from Bandai is for the compulsive pressers

by Gareth Mankoo

If you love flicking switches on and off and can beat your 2-year old to it, then here’s something that could mean a lot more for you. This strange addictive toy is for those who have nurtured a prior addiction to pressing switches on and off, without reason or rhyme. A similar insanity is enjoyed by those who love abusing bubble wraps and other who just cannot get enough of nail filers. To bear testimony to this truth and the fact that we live in a twisted world, over 3.35 million units of the bubble wrap were sold. There are twelve different switches to pick from, each for a different mood.

Other switches could be fight or follow, cry or laugh, anger or forgiveness, like or dislike and so forth. You could end up paying under a dollar for each. And they also serve in settling strained nerves.









[Via – Gigazine]

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