Bamboo peripherals make a return courtesy Sanyo

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the typical bamboo and wood-constructed PC peripherals. But now they’re coming in once again, thanks to Sanyo’s handmade device fascination. The keyboard comes by the code of EEA-YW0863, offering 104 keys including shortcuts for the browser, mail client, volume mute and calculator. It does weigh 995 grams, that’s quite heavy, but what could you expect of a peripheral that’s almost completely made of bamboo. Then comes the EEA-YW0865 wireless mouse that packs an optical sensor and works at frequencies of 2.4GHz. It works with a pair of AAA batteries and connects via a USB receiver.

The Sanyo EEA-YW0863 keyboard would cost you 4,180 Yen (under $47) while the EEA-YW0865 mouse would come for 3,180 Yen (under $36).