Balloon Camera floats 300m above ground for aerial shots

by Gavril Mankoo

Be it a music concert or a similarly large event that attracts the masses, getting a camera up in the air to capture the crowd and the performing act at the same time isn’t all that easy and usually requires cameras to be mounted on cranes and the like. Now, NHK has come up with a great way to give the world a bird’s eye view, without the needs of cranes and other such equipment. Called the Balloon Camera, this contraption floats above and captures aerial views. Capable of reaching heights of up to 300m, the Balloon Camera uses a four axis camera gimbal and can be controlled using a toy helicopter’s remote control. Capable of withstanding winds of up to 7 m/s, the camera gimbal setup including the camera weighs about 2kgs with the balloon capable of carrying up to 4kgs.