Back to The Future Car Comes Back to Life This Month

by iona

As an avid Back to The Future fan, Doc Brown’s time-travelling car was and still is my dream car. Aside from it’s time-travelling capacity, the flip-up doors and cutting edge 80s design tit-bits made it the car to end all cars. Now the folks at Wired Italy have teamed up with an Italian car customization company and are reincarnating the legendary Doc’s even more legendary automobile. The new DeLorean was created by installing custom-moulded Lithium-ion batteries into a 90kW electric engine. The revamped, eco-friendly electric DeLorean has batteries fitted beside the Flux Capacitor, and although is isn’t yet known how far the batteries will power the car for, Wired Italy’s features editor Massimiliano Ferramondo is planning to drive it from Milan to Rome, a distance of 245 miles, later this month.

The electric DeLorean will be finished in the next two weeks. Watch this space for news of its epic debut journey.

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