Back to the Future Monopoly packs Nike merch and cool hoverboard pieces

by Gareth Mankoo

If this were some decades ago I would be doing cartwheels. But hey, it still does excite us to learn about the epic combination of Monopoly and Back to the Future, in a game that is themed by the successful movie franchise. The set will be arriving soon and will have all the elements you could correlate between the classic board game and the sci-fi thriller. It will arrive with cool die-cast metal player pieces that add a new twist to your Monopoly experience. Fans will enjoy the arrival of the Nike Air Mag, the time-traveling DeLorean and of course, a cool hoverboard to maneuver around. This seems legit enough.

The Back to the Future Monopoly set is expected to arrive in September. We’re looking up all other possibilities in the BTTF universe that the game could bring back to life.

[Via – Freshnessmag]