‘Baby and Me’ Wii game comes with Wiimote-ready doll!

by Gareth Mankoo

Now here’s how Nintendo reaches out to even its most unlikely fans – little girls in pink skirts. This cool new Wii game called ‘Baby and Me’ is made with a bit of extra care so that it doesn’t really appear to be for-the-sake-of-reaching-out-to the un-TG group. It has a Wii-mote ready doll that comes packed with it. Little mommies can enjoy an almost-real simulation of a baby by rocking it to sleep with the help of motion sensitive rocking movements. There’s also a balance board that will come in handy when you teach the kid to walk.

The rest of it includes some pretty familiar gurgles and burps that we often hear from tiny tots. Teaching your little girl how to mother a kid will really help you the next time your wife delivers her a sibling. She’s got a well trained nanny, all thanks to Nintendo.
Via – [Gizmodiva]