Babble your way to tranquillity!

by Dhiram Shah

Imagine your day at office starting with hum, hubbub, brawls and juicy gossips about people who you didn’t even know existed but now you know their life history thanks to the colleague on the adjacent desk. If babble is what you resent then ‘babble’ is what you need. It is developed by Sonare Technologies. There’s really no way to silence your cubicle companions so the only option is to mask those sounds, by giving them Babble: a device that provides voice privacy without the need for walls. It is perfect for people who work in open offices and for people who work with confidential information in industries such as finance, law, medical records, human resources, homeland security and businesses. The easy-to-use Babble features a compact footprint approximately the size of a tape dispenser. It is compatible with nearly all office telephone systems and can be plugged into any standard power outlet. At the push of a button, you’ve got voice privacy on demand, rather than emitting a continuous stream of white noise.

It is only on when you need it and can be turned off when you don’t. The system comes with 2 speakers, and each can provide up to 180 degrees of coverage. All of this comes for just $395. Who knew privacy could come in a compact shape ?

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