aXbo the first user friendly Alarm clock

by Dhiram Shah

The aXbo is a unique alarm clock unlike the Blowfish Flying Alarm and the Clocky Alarm clock which make sure you wake up. The aXbo monitors your sleeping pattern and wakes you up at the best moment possible. It comes with a sweatband with a sensor it monitors your movement, which corresponds to the various sleep phases and wirelessly transmits your sleeping pattern to the Alarm clock. The aXbo supports two persons and over the time it learns and optimizes the wake up time for each person. It also helps you to fall asleep choose between three melodies and they will help you to calm down and fall asleep. You do not have to set a time for the melody to end playing because aXbo realises when you are asleep and ends the melody automatically. When you feel asleep the display also turns off and can be turned on via the wristband to check the time.

The aXbo is powered by three rechargable batteries and it can automatically charge them when connected to AC adapter.
At 200 Euros the aXbo is available for pre order.
Via – I4U