Awesome 1:1 scale Iron Man helmet is also a super cool Bluetooth speaker with backlit eyes

by Shayne Rana

Tony Stark aka Iron Man, is always the life of the party, whether it’s his own birthday bash or kicking Ultron’s butt, he knows how to get the part y going! So when a site like Brando hosts a pre-order for a Bluetooth speaker shaped like Iron Man’s headgear, it’s bound to be a real party starter as well!iron-man-helmet-super-cool-bluetooth-speaker-2The iconic Iron Man helmet that’s by the way, a 1:1 replica, is fitted with all kinds of audio goodness to bring consumers and collectors a fantastic looking portable speaker that supports Bluetooth. This is a limited edition speaker that also supports USB connectivity for audio playback as well as an AUX IN if you want to just plug a device in using a 3.5mm audio cable. Comfortably nestled inside the Iron Man helmet is not Jarvis (although I wish it were) but a 82mm woofer and a 40mm speaker to dish out those tunes. The entire unit weighs in at just 1.5kgs. Oh, and did I mention the eyes light up? Well they do… isn’t that just so cool!

Sadly you’ll need to wipe that drool off your face and be patient as the Marvel Iron Man Mark XLIII 1/1th Scale Bluetooth Speaker will only be shipping out sometime in mid/end May. You can of course pre-order it for $449 which is a tad hefty all things considered, but it’s just so awesomely cool!

[Source – Brando]