AutoWed, the machine that gets you married in a jiffy

by Gavril Mankoo

The world’s sadly losing out on religious folk these days, and the dwindling numbers of those who drive people closer to God is indeed a pretty serious cause of concern. And as always, this time too, technology arrived with a superhero cape to the service of mankind, in place of priests. Now, if you’re parish priest is too busy to get you married, saving the souls of his folk, the AutoWed can watch over you, as your spouse and you recite the vows to holy matrimony. All you need to do is feed your partner’s and your particulars into the machine, and it pops out the rings too!

Well, if you’re one for a traditional wedding in a church, complete with white gowns and high pitched choirs, we suggest you begin searching for a priest in flesh and blood, long before hand!

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