Auto-Themed Hotel Paradise for the Car Crazy

by iona

Even if you love cars, if you have ever had to sleep the night in the back of one, you will know how uncomfortable it is. However, the automobile-themed rooms of the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart combine the comfort of sleeping in a bed with the novelty of sleeping in a car. The four-star hotel, built inside the German city’s Boblingen airport, includes 34 car-themed suites, as well as an auto-kitsch reception and restaurant. Whether you are a fan of American autos, British classics or European engines, there is a room to suit your taste. Want to doze at in the back of a Cadillac at a drive-in, have a nap in the back of a Merc, or snooze in a Morris Minor garage – no worries, they’re all here.

Room rates vary, but the top-of-the-range Zeppelin Suite will lighten your pocket by $489 per night.
[Autoblog And Telegraph]

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