Automatic Trash Can from Simplehuman is Simply Sensitive

by iona

Right, just how lazy do you consider yourself? Lazy enough to use an automatic trash can? If so, then you had better start counting your cents, because not only is this the gadget for you, but it is mighty expensive. The automatic trash can from Simplehuman has a multi-sense sensor that claims it can guess whether you want to throw away your trash or not. Simply walking past the can won’t prompt the lid to open, but once open, the sensor can tell whether you are hovering around, about to throw something away and thus decide whether to stay open or not. If you linger for more than three seconds, the lid will stay open for another thirty, waiting for your trash. Sounds perfectly ridiculous to me.

The automatic trash can is powered by six C batteries, or you can plug it into a power socket. And, wait for it….this stupidly unnecessary gadget will set you back a whacking great $225. Why bother?
Via – [Designlaunches]

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