Australian police wants one click police alarm on Facebook

by iona

It looks like Facebook will have a police point of presence before the end of the year. Last week, members of the FBI, U.S immigration, Australian Federal Police (AFP) High Tech Crime Centre, the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Interpol and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police met with the U.S. Department Of Justice to discuss how to reinforce security on social networking sites. The meetings follow recent high-profile slanging matches between Facebook and the AFP, in which the latter – who have their own Facebook page – voiced concerns about the way users can currently secure their information, report concerns and make complaints. Last month, Australian Communications Minister Stephen Conroy attacked Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg’s complete disregard for Facebook users. “A leaked email from Mr Zuckerberg recently referred to Facebook users – and I will have to censor this because we are in parliament – as dumb, and then the next word begins with ‘f’, for giving him all their private information and not expecting him to use it.”

Neil Gaughan, of the AFP High Tech Crime Centre, says they want some kind of “one click” report button on Facebook pages within the next six months.