Australian company comes-up with world’s first shark-repelling wetsuits

by Sayan Chakravarty

Bondi beach in Australia tops the list of most popular beaches around the world. Bright sunshine, crystal clean water and towering waves make it a perfect destination for surfers. But, the authorities had to shut down the beach after spotting a 2m long shark along the coastline. 5 people in Australia alone were killed in shark attacks over the past two years. Two businessmen took heed to this looming danger and have come up with shark repelling surfers’ equipment. Know as ‘Shark Attack Mitigation System’, it includes two different types of wetsuits and surfboards.

One of the wetsuits, blue and white in color, can potentially make the surfer invisible to sharks. The other one has distinct black and white stripes on the suit. Sharks avoid stripes as they mistake it for poisonous critters and generally avoid. New research has found that sharks are color blind and get repelled by stripes considering them to be potentially unsafe prey. The company has been putting their line of products under trials with dummies to test its effectiveness. Watch the dramatic video posted by the company where a shark completely avoids a dummy with the wetsuits.


[Via – Grindtv]

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