Australian book-delivery service uses drones!

by Gavril Mankoo

Say hello to the drones! Our ever-evolving species has finally decided to do away with one of the most essential professions in the world, “delivery”. Soon, the pizza delivery boy will be replaced by a box-carrying robot that flies right to your doorstep, takes the cash you need to pay, doesn’t look at you expectantly for a tip and flies away, ready for the next delivery. Text book rental service Zookal in Australia recently began drone delivery services in collaboration with Sydney startup Flirtey. The company uses hexacopters, robots with six rotors that fly around, delivering text books to nerds.

Quoting Flirtey co-founder Matthew Sweeney from a video feature, “We’re taking technology that was previously only available to the military and universities, democratising it and commercialising it so that anybody can order any goods or services and have them flown straight to their smartphone.” To order a book, all a user needs to do is use a smartphone application. Zookal then has the book home delivered, by a drone! We aren’t too sure how these drones will work in harsher weather conditions, away from the Australian sunshine, though the idea does seem promising. As an added advantage, drones delivering pizzas can also be shot down from the sky for a quick free meal.


[Via – Dezeen]