Audiovox Delivers AVDBR1, World’s First Automotive Blu-ray Player

by ruchi

We like to miniaturize and carry our hi-tech multimedia devices just everywhere. Audiovox realized this sooner that we did and doled out AVDBR1 in-car Blu-ray systems at CES last week. The blu-ray capability isn’t the only thumbs-up feature here.

The device is suited for both horizontal and vertical mounting positions. Also one can install it either under the seat or in a storage compartment in the vehicle. You might be worried about the fragility of the system but rest assured for the makers have road tested this one to make it tolerable to the vehicle’s environment. A wireless IR remote lets you control the device and it takes the required juice from the car’s accessory power source. Mobile screens isn’t really the best medium for HD content on Blu-ray discs but it might just come across as divine during long road trips. It connects to any monitor by using either the HDMI, composite or component output.
The AVDBR1 in-car Blu-ray players will hit the retail shelves in spring this year with a price tag of $349.99.

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