Audi packs R18 LeMans Race cars with AMOLED rear-view “mirrors”

by Gavril Mankoo

Audi loves adding dashes of technology to its cars and at this season’s Le Mans 24 Hour race, the German automaker is all set to make a point. The Audi R18 cars built for the race will use an AMOLED digital rear view mirror helping drivers enjoy a clearer view of those coming up behind. Also, this will be the first time a technology as such will be used in a closed LMP sports prototype, and given the fact that such cars sport a low central-seating arrangement, monocoque structures and mid-engines, a technology boost as such is bound to help drivers.

Also, conventional mirrors can hamper a car’s aerodynamics and are practically useless during the darker hours when the weather decides to go drenched for which an AMOLED rear-view with a tiny camera hooked on as such is indeed the next best bet!

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