Attached steampunk speakers make listening to Nintendo 3DS better than ever

by bharat

Having seen some really amazing hacks and mods this one here may not look outrightly appealing, but the sound quality that these steampunk ears of the Nintendo 3DS make is really breathtaking. The contraption created by a Japanese modder features a pair of clips that project sound off the 3DS’ speakers. The 3DS speakers are attached to the small speakers on either side of the screen with the clips, while the 3DS rests on a specially made cradle like an old fashioned music system. So, when the clips are amplified, there the sound is really great to make your gaming experience amazing.

The steampunkish look makes the entire setup amazing to look and great to hear. Though, I am sad its not a product that I can buy of the shelf, but for anyone who likes a little bit of DIYing, the steampunk speaker amplifier is clearly the best way to listen to your Nintendo 3DS.



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