AT&T to bring forth the Sony dual-screen S2 tablet

by Gareth Mankoo

The Sony S2 tablet has been cropping up every now and then, tormenting us to take this undeniable liking for its awesomeness. The device is most sought after, owing to the general public knowledge that it’s a dual-screen beauty. It’s not got one, by two 5.5-inch display screens. So, it’s a tablet you can fold and walk away with. The big news though is that the S2 will be arriving on AT&T waves. So in the cloud of ignorance we bathe in the knowledge that the S2 will be making the most of the network’s HSPA+ 4G network.

If you’re hunting high and wide for the Sony S2 and the S1, then you will be surprised to learn that these may well not be the real name of the devices but just codenames.

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