AT&T could be dishing out the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a $649 Premium on November 21

by Shayne Rana

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has made quite an impression in its first weeks out of the box and all the big operators are vying for a cark at it. AT&T has already announced that they’re going to be ‘Tabbing’ their way into their customer’s hearts with the latest Tablet on the scene. Although they haven’t really specified a launch date for the Tab, someone managed to get their hands on a screengrab showing off a November 21st 2010 date and a price tag of $649.99 without contract. The data plans viz. 250MB for $14.99 per month or 2GB for $25 per month are what’s been talked about. This is about $50 more than the T-Mobile’ or Verizon are offering with the Tab. AT&T is also going to be providing their customers with the Nook eReader and AT&T Account Manager app, preinstalled.