AT&T connectivity now in a suitcase cell tower

by Shalu Pillai

AT&T is leaving no stone unturned to ensure good connectivity. For the first time, the company has plans to sell small, portable cellular antennas that will allow corporate and government customers to provide their own wireless coverage anywhere and everywhere they go. This is especially beneficial in disaster struck regions, where they won’t have to send in trucks that act like mobile cell towers. , but get immediate control where they have coverage. One of AT&T’s options involves a unit that packs into a suitcase, with a satellite dish carried separately. The unit works on outside power, such as a generator. The Remote Mobility Zone can handle 14 simultaneous calls, and data at less-than-broadband speeds and provides coverage up to half a mile from the unit.

AT&T also sells smartphones that can talk directly to satellites, again using Remote Mobility Zone. The cost of these units will range from $15,000 to $45,000 and include some monthly fees.

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